Exhibition design
Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Brazil 2018

The exhibition of artist Laercio Redondo at the Pinacoteca in São Paulo, proposed to investigate other possible interpretations of the narratives concerning the history of Brazil, told through the museum collection, based on an olfactory experience.
This resulted in an intervention throughout the museum, where visitors would find 17 displays strategically positioned near specific works from the collection, containing odor-coated cards – or – displays holding added works inserted to the original collection.
The displays, holding cards or black screen-prints, were made of thin, blackened flat iron rods and created a discreet addition to the exhibition galleries. Almost as if disguised, the exhibition design with the free-standing displays blended in seamlessly with the museums existing architecture and enhanced a new reading of the collection.

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Photos: Isabella Matheus, Levi Fanan, Laercio Redondo

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